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Moving? 6 Tips to Secure and Update Your New Garage

You finally close on the house of your dreams.  Or maybe you are a landlord experiencing a tenant turnover.  The new tenants are expected to move in soon.  As you prepare for a new housing change, make sure to prep your garage!  It can be easy to overlook or forget that your garage also needs a “reset” after new occupants.  Following the below tips ensures safe and secure access for your garage. Make sure previous owners or renters do not have access to your garage and that your Genie garage door opener is functioning to its full capacity before a move-in.


Tip #1- Clear the Memory of Your Genie Garage Door Opener

 When you erase the memory of your Genie garage door opener, it deactivates all previous remotes and keypads that had been programmed to your garage door opener.  Deactivating previous remotes is especially important to guarantee only those with authorized remotes can access your garage.  Imagine if a previous tenant fails to leave a garage door opener remote when moving.  If you do not deactivate that remote, the previous tenant would still have access to your garage!  Clearing the memory of your garage door opener is a simple process and only takes a few seconds – learn more here

 After you clear your garage door opener’s memory you will need to reprogram your remotes and keypads.   Go here for instructions on how to reprogram your Genie garage door opener remotes or keypads.  Your cars with built-in remotes (HomeLink or Car2U) will also need to be reprogrammed.


Tip #2- Replace Missing Remotes or Keypads

Maybe when you move in you only have one garage door opener remote for three drivers. Give your family access to your garage by purchasing additional remotesRead this article about the different types of Genie garage door opener remotes. Perhaps you need to add a keypad for quick access on the exterior of your garage. Don’t have a Genie-branded opener? No problem!  We have a line of Universal products that work with most brand of garage door openers.

  • Universal 4-Button Garage Door Opener Remote: Compatible with most brands of garage door opener in the USA!  The simple “Teach and Pair” mode enables quick and easy programming.  Control up to 4 garage door openers or gate receivers.
  • Universal 2-Button Garage Door Opener Remote:  Control up to 2 garage door openers or receivers with the easy to press large buttons on this universal remote! Includes a visor clip.
  • Universal Exterior Keypad: Access your garage from the outside, regardless of what brand of garage door opener you have!  Control up to 3 garage door openers. Easy to mount with included screws and powered by 2 AAA batteries.


Tip #3- Add Additional Access Points

 Do you have multiple entrances or exits to your garage? For added convenience, you can place additional wall consoles or keypads to open your garage door at various locations both inside and outside your garage! 

 For the interior of your garage try adding another wireless access point with the Wireless Wall Console, compatible with most Genie garage door openers manufactured since 2013.  If you have multiple garage doors or not a Genie branded opener, try the Universal Wireless Wall Console!  Easily installed with two screws and powered off of 2 AAA batteries, these wireless wall consoles are a breeze to setup!

 Add additional exterior access with the Genie Wireless Keypad or the Universal Wireless Keypad if you do not have a Genie branded opener.  Control up to three garage doors with a personalized PIN code.  These keypads feature a backlight which makes it easy to see and enter your code at night! 


Tip #4- Make Your Garage Door “Smart”

 Did you know you can control and monitor the status of your garage door from your smartphone?  With the Aladdin Connect – you can make your garage “smart!”  Some Genie openers already include integrated Aladdin Connect capabilities.  For garage door openers without smartphone control, the Aladdin Connect RetroFit Kit is the answer!  Compatible with most garage door openers made since 1993, the Aladdin Connect is a universal solution to upgrading the technology of your garage door opener.  Enjoy the comfort of no longer worrying about if you closed your garage door opener.  Simply check the FREE Aladdin Connect app to see the status of your garage door.  If you did forget to close your door, you can setup alerts to notify you if your door has been open for a certain amount of time.  Easily open and close your garage door from anywhere on the app. 

The Aladdin Connect is compatible with many smart home systems including Alexa, SmartThings, Google Assistant,, and more.  Learn more about our smart home partners here.  For example, if you have Alexa and Aladdin Connect, you could say “Alexa, ask Aladdin Connect to open my door” or “Alexa, ask Aladdin Connect if my door is closed?”  The integration of Aladdin Connect with various smart home systems makes it even easier to monitor the status of your garage door opener!


Tip #5- Safety Check

 When moving into a new home, make sure to do the below checks monthly to ensure maximum safety and to extend the life of your garage door opener. Previous owners may have failed to lubricate the door hardware or to ensure the garage door was properly balanced.   Follow the chart below to do a safety check and maintenance on your garage door.  Perhaps it is time to replace your garage door openers lightbulb or replace the batteries in your garage door opener remote!

Maintenance Item



Contact Reverse Test


Learn more here

Lubricate Door Hardware


Lubricate rollers and hinges with light-weight general purpose grease.

Safe-T-Beam system check


Check wiring for loose connections, cracks, or worn insulation. Clean lenses of dirt & debris.

Door Balance


Learn more here.

Battery Backup System


Unplug opener from outlet. Test opener with remote or wall console. Replace battery if needed.

Chain/Belt Adjustments


Inspect chain/belt for excessive slack, adjust as necessary.

Remote Battery Replacement

As Needed

Most Genie remotes use a CR2032 battery.

Light Bulb Replacement

As Needed

Genie LED Bulbs recommended.



Tip #6- Upgrade Your Garage Door Opener

The average garage door opener lasts 10-15 years, though many Genie garage door openers last even longer!  There are many reasons to replace your garage door opener – even if there are no mechanical or electrical issues.  These reasons could include the desire for increased security, safety, smart home features, or battery backup options. Learn more about the reasons to upgrade your old garage door opener with a new Genie garage door opener.  Maybe your current opener is very noisy, and you need a quiet solution.  Check out Genie’s line of belt-drive garage door openers which are ideal for garages located close to living spaces. 

Quiet Belt Drive Genie Garage Door Openers:

  • Model 1055 – Features an ultra-quiet belt drive. Ideal for those looking for an affordable option that is both dependable and reliable.
  • Model 3053- A quiet belt-drive opener featuring Aladdin Connect Wi-Fi built-in.  Ideal for those looking for a quiet, durable opener with smartphone capabilities. 
  • Model 7155- An opener with all the accessories and features you need!  Featuring an ultra-quiet belt drive, battery backup, Aladdin Connect Wi-Fi, 2 3-button remotes and a wireless keypad! 

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