• Easy to Use

    The Genie line of Universal Series garage door opener accessories are not only easy to use, but were designed with easy DIY installation and programming in mind. Instructions are included with the accessories and helpful videos are available to assist at anytime! Each accessory includes what you need in the box so you can quickly program and start using them right away.

  • Convienient

    We all have enough to keep track of these days. The Universal Series accessories can help organize, minimize, and add convenience to your everyday life. By combining multiple different remotes, into one, not only do you get to carry less, but you now have less to maintain as well. Same with keypad and wall console, by combing into one you have less batteries and less clutter!

  • Two Button Universal Garage Door Opener Remote works with Most Major Brand Garage Door Openers


    Compatible with the top brand garage door openers sold in the US today! The compatibility of the Universal Series garage door opener accessories makes it easy to program multiple brands into one remote, keypad, or wall console. These accessories offer a versatile solution that provides maximum user convenience. They are a perfect choice for upgrading or replacing garage door opener accessories - of ANY brand! Mix and Match!