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SilentMax Connect- 3/4 HPc Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive Smart Garage Door Opener with Aladdin + Alexa & Google Assistant Ready

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The Genie SilentMax Connect smart garage door opener offers an ultra-quiet DC motor along with the accessories you need including Wi-Fi connectivity. The SilentMax Connect smart garage door opener features a Genie steel-reinforced belt, making it very quiet and the ideal choice for garages attached to living spaces. The integrated Aladdin Connect smartphone controller allows you to open, close and monitor your garage door from anywhere. It even comes standard with virtual keys so you can grant anyone access for a limited time or forever, but you are in control of when and for how long they can access your garage door opener. You can count on getting many years of worry-free service and the peace of mind provided by the Genie limited lifetime warranty. Safety features include the Safe-T Beam garage door safety sensors and GenieSense diagnostic technology. The SilentMax Connect smart garage door opener is also equipped with Genie Intellicode rolling code technology that prevents unauthorized persons from opening your garage door by automatically changing the access code every time you use it. You will also enjoy the added conveniences of 2 pre-programmed 3 button remotes, Aladdin Connect, and a wall control panel with an independent light button and vacation lock for added security. 

  • 3/4 HPc DC motor: the ability to provide power and smooth operation for residential sectional garage doors up to 7 ft. in height and 500 lbs. in weight
  • Limited lifetime motor warranty: precision machined motor and gearbox are greased and factory sealed from the environment for long-lasting, reliable performance which are guaranteed for the life of the operator
  • Ultra-quiet operation: the steel-reinforced belt drive system, paired with the quiet DC motor offers minimal noise, making operation quiet and smooth and ideal for garages close to living spaces
  • Aladdin Connect Smart Home Technology Built-In: Your smartphone becomes your garage door opener remote, works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Easy and fast to install: unit is lightweight with a strong and rigid 5-piece tube rail system that requires no assembly hardware and includes preprogrammed remotes eliminating steps from the installation process
  • Accessories included: two preprogrammed 3-button remotes and a multi-function wall console with vacation lock and light control button
  • Easy to program: Genie's SmartSet programming makes set-up fast and easy with the simple push of a button
  • Safe and secure: equipped with intellicode rolling code technology that prevents unauthorized persons from opening your garage door by automatically changing the access code every time you use it
  • Self-diagnostic safe-T-beam system helps prevent accidents via an invisible infrared beam across the door opening that reverses the door if an object crosses the LED beam of light; beams are enhanced with diagnostic technology to alert you of a malfunction
  • HomeLink and Car2U (Genie exclusive) compatibility links to car's built-in remote system
  • GenieSense monitoring and diagnostic technology: provides safety by continuously monitoring the operation of the door, stopping the movement to alert you when significant changes occur
  • Genie LED light bulb compatible (sold separately): easily add Genie's LED bulbs for bright, long-lasting, cost-effective and efficient lighting; designed specifically for garage door openers to eliminate or reduce garage door opener remote interference
  • Extension kit available: extension kit is available (sold separately) for 8 ft. high residential garage doors
  • Includes illustrated detailed 34 in. x 22 in. installation poster plus programming manual; they include QR codes to access programming and installation videos online for easier installation
  • For use on sectional garage doors only, not for use on 1 piece garage doors
  • Model 3053-TSV

 Notice to California Residents: As of 07/01/2019 This item cannot be shipped to the state of California due to Senate Bill No. 969. If the shipping address on any order is the state of California the order will be canceled. California residents must purchase a garage door opener with a battery backup included. Please see other options of Genie garage door openers with battery backup options to purchase. 

UPC: 050049021023

SKU: 39626R



Ask a Question
  • My BMW was built in 2007. I just discovered that the version of HomeLink in my car is not compatible with a brand new Chamberlain opener that I bought, which has a newer version of HomeLink that is backward compatible only if I buy a separate "HomeLink Compatibility Bridge," which I do not plan to purchase. So, are the Genie openers including this one compatible with the prior version of HomeLink, or only with HomeLink installed on cars built after, say 2012? Thanks.

    Yes, all new Genie models are compatible with Homelink and Car2U devices and do not require any additional purchases.

  • do you have a garage door opener that can be used on a 12ft door

    For a 12 foot tall door you would need to contact a professional Genie dealer for a pro unit.  These can raise doors from 7 foot - 14 foot tall (residential doors).  Below is a link to our dealer locator so you can find one near you.

    Dealer Locator

    Thank you.

  • How much does the box containing Genie Opener Model no 2055-TSV weigh ?

    The weight of the 2055-TSV packaged box is 27.1 lbs.

  • How do you get in the garage if the power is out?

    If you do not have a garage door opener that uses a battery backup to work when the power is out, you would need to have access through an entry door, or an emergency release keyed lock on your garage door itself.

  • I want to add a second wall console to a Model 3053 garage door opener. What models of wall consoles are compatible?

    You can only have one series II wall console installed. If you already have the series II multi function wall console installed, you can add to the model 3053 a universal push button, or the wireless wall console. You can add as many of the universal push buttons, or wireless wall consoles as you would like.

  • Can this model pair to an outside keypad?

    Yes, the SilentMax Connect will work with the Genie Intellicode Wireless Keypad model GK.

  • Can I get a battery Backup for the Model 3053 TSV?

    No, it cannot be added to this model.

  • Does the wall console have a motion sensor to turn on the light when it detects motion? If not, do any of the openers have this feature?

    No, it does not. We do not have any wall consoles that have motion light detection.

  • do you make an extension kit for 8 ft doors

    Yes, it is part number 39026R (Belt Extension Kit).

Why Choose an Ultra-Quiet Genie Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Installing a Belt Drive Garage Door Opener with the BILT App

Installation Video

This Genie product offers 3D Interactive Instructions in the free BILT® App available for download. 

BILT® 3D Interactive Instructions

Support for models: 

1035, 1055, 2036, 2033, 3053, 2035, 2055, 3035, 3055, 7035, 7055 (ChainDrive 550, Chain Drive 750, SilentMax® 550, StealthLift® 500, SilentMax® 750, Chain Glide Connect, SilentMax Connect, QuietLift Connect, Chain Drive 500, Chain Drive 525, QuietLift™ 750, StealthDrive® 750)

Genie Belt/Chain Garage Door Opener Installation Poster

Belt_Chain Garage Door Opener Installation Poster

Genie Belt/Chain Garage Door Opener Owners Manual

Genie Belt_Chain Garage Door Opener Owners Manual