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Screw Drive AC Powered Garage Door Openers

The Genie AC Powered Screw Drive Garage Door Openers came complete with Intellicode remote controls and Series II electronics. These AC Screw Drive models were popular Genie models that sold for many years. 

To find out what year your garage door opener was made, you can check the date code sticker on the powerhead. The model number and serial number (date code) are located on the front panel inside the lens cover.

The Owner's Manual for the AC Screw Drive models includes the Maintenance that is required monthly, yearly, and as needed. These steps include checking the door springs/ hardware and the garage door balance, lubricating the screw drive, and replacing the light bulbs. Refer to the above link for the owner's manual page 31, for complete details about the steps required for the maintenance.  

The Owner's manuals for these Genie screw drive models also included helpful general troubleshooting tips for problems such as; The garage door opener does not run from the wall control, the garage door starts to close but reverses back open, the garage door lights will not turn off, or the garage door will only open but not close. Sometimes these can be simple quick fixes to these issues and more, check the owner's manual for troubleshooting tips that can easily help with quick DIY repairs.